[solved] Panic button in Reason 4


2009-05-12 04:17:56

Hello, i was using reason 4 with MK and everything was going fine until i pressed the panic button in MK. Now it does not work anymore in reason... I´ve reinstalled MK and the midi cable drivers (loopBe), but the problem still there...
Any ideas? Thank you


2009-05-22 09:12:13

Hi Kilok,

sorry to hear that! Panic resets all controllers and shuts off all notes. It shouldn't have any lasting effect on Reason or similar...

Anyway, is Reason showing MIDI activity when you play on the mouse keyboard? Is loopBE still correctly selected in Reason as MIDI IN?

Let me know,


2009-05-22 09:33:42

hi florian, i solved the problem. Actually it was so easy... i havent seen that i had an loopBe icon in the taskbar, that was muted by the panic button in MK. So i right-clicked it and disabled the mute. Now it works again. Thanks Florian