Help with Reason 4


2009-02-04 01:40:51

I have Reason 4.0 build 905, BMK 2.00 licensed, and LoopBe1 Virtual MIDI Cable installed...
With the MIDI Mapper thing on BMK, all the settings and sounds work fine, and I'm sure there's nothing wrong with my Reason program.

The problem is, I set my Reason to use BMK as the master keyboard thing with everything set right, the play-in-background thing checked on, but I still can't record anything using BMK. Nothing's detected or anything.

Any help? I'm running Vista HomePremium SP1 x64, and MIDI Yoke XP didn't work well for me. Yes, I have the MIDI Out on BMK the same as MIDI In on R4.


2009-02-04 17:28:03

Hi, this is really awkward, several people have reported such a problem.
I haven't used Reason in a while... In general, if you can play instruments in Reason, you should also be able to record the MIDI track.

Are you sure you have activated/"armed" the track in Reason which you want to record? otherwise you may need to consult the reason documentation how to do that. Also, I'd try on a Reason specific forum, I'm sure people there will know how to help.