Bome keyboard with Reason 4.0 ReDrum


2008-12-19 21:41:23

Hi, i want to be able to use the bome mouse keyboard with reason redrum (4.0) but the thing is the only sound from the redrum comes on the keys C1-A1 on the mouse keyboard and my keys on my keyboard don't reach down that far. So is there anyway to like assign different keys or any way to reach down to C1 note.


2009-01-05 09:38:57


sorry for the late reply...

Yes, there is a somewhat awkward way to scale down: using the chord editor, create a chord that plays the current note, plus a note 2 or 3 octaves below the current note. Invoke the chord editor from the options menu. Then press "New" to create a new chord and give it a name. Then activate Edit mode by pressing the edit button. Then first play an arbitrary high note (e.g. the one marked with a dot), then play one note 3 octaves below that. Click the Edit button again and then OK to finalize the chord. Now in the main keyboard window, select your new chord and each note should be accompanied by the same note 3 octaves lower.

Let me know how that works!


2009-06-14 14:24:09

Just turn down your Octave twice and everything should work okay. Remember to set it back when you're done with ReDrum!