roland d-550 problem


2008-09-28 12:42:27


I have a Roland D-550, and have tried everything I can think of to try and get it to work.
The problem is, no audio comes out.
I have messed around with the midi channels, using external keyboards to control it by midi, using midi to usb to ableton sequencer.
I've tried making new patches making sure the volume and balence is all up.
I do get the green light on the front saying midi messages are beig sent/working etc.
I have my headphones plugged into the front audio jack, volume up, even tried the back panel audio jacks.
But all i get is the static/digital noise you get when turing up full volume.
I've tried using the computer editor, but it doesnt even work, its fucked.

Someone please help me!

I heard the patches might be corrupted?! well how do I fix that?



2008-10-20 15:56:00

Hi Chris,

one thing that comes to my mind is that on the D550, you may need to switch "Local" to ON. Only then will the keyboard keys trigger the internal D550 synthesizer.

Otherwise, yes, maybe resetting the patches will help.

Good luck!


PS: if this persists, you should contact Roland -- seems to be a problem with their product...