tried everything/yoke/ sony virtual/now loopybe1,


2008-09-27 10:00:37

tried them all and none work for me.ive now been to add remove programmes and deleted sony virtual/yoke etc.ive put loopybe 1 on[the free software]still no running xp windows sp2 and line6 tryin to link up ableton live lite7.any help please as im exuasted trying.many thanks would be says in ableton manual that the light should flash when you get a connection but it does not flash at all.cheers.chris. :?:?:?:?:?:?:?


2008-10-20 15:53:15


I'm sorry to hear that! I'm lost what else you could try.
During or after installation, are there any indications of errors?

Also, you should follow up with the menufacturers of the respective virtual MIDI port. They're likely to know more about their own products...

Hope that you'll make it work!