MIDI keymap for PC keyboard


2008-08-14 00:09:19

Is there any tweak that could let me change which PC-keyboard key to which MIDI note or parameter corresponds?

commonly we have

Z = c (DO)------------------------------ Q = c1 (DO octave above)
X = d (RE)
C = e (MI)
V = f (FA) and so on...

But I want when I press

Z = c (DO)
X = d (RE)
C = e (MI)
V = f# (FA sharp) for example!

Any chance for editable MIDI note keymap in Bome's Virtual MIDI Keyboard?!

Or do I have to do it somehow trough the Bome's MIDI Translator.
I tried with the Translator but nothing seems to happen :(


So, Florian told me how to do that. Thank You Florian, very much!

Now if there is a chance for my mouse movements to be transated as pitch Up-DOWN and Mod Wheel movements would be FANTASTIC for
what I need to my project.


2008-08-18 12:08:38

No, I cannot use my mouse movements taking the roe of pitch shifting.

So a have to use MIDI Translator (first) then its output route to be input route in Mouse Keyboard program and then the output route of MK to be the input of my sequencer or DAW program!

Yes it works but it works if both MT and MK share the common arrangement of the keynote layout representing the real piano keyboard... which is NOT my case. Because I have NEW arrangement set up in MT where my PC keyboard [V] is for the note F# and button [F] is for the note F.
Considering the fact that in MK you cannot jump over its keynote layout and both programs have to work together (because of the pitch and mod wheels of MK pointed with the my mouse) the overall sequence of notes is a mess!

Focused on MK (for adjustng the pitch and mod wheels) and playing notes on my PC keyboard with MT working in system tray when I press [V] both notes F and F# are transmited to the DAW's sequencer! That is not what I want indeed. None wants it!

I know I'm gulty of rearranging the keynote layout in MT but believe me that is the future keynote layout based on Janko's Keyboard!
Simple and easy chord forms. Think we should left the old piano keyboard!


2012-10-24 04:56:01

Will this work on both Windows and Mac? Image


2012-10-24 11:44:20