key board dies help

funny farmer

2007-10-26 14:17:57

when I create a new divice the keyboard works great untill I go to another peice of gear, then nothing. inorder to hear the keyboard agin I must start over. Please help this sucks


2007-10-29 17:07:00

which program and/or hardware are you using the keyboard with? Are you sure the other piece of gear is connected correctly via MIDI?


funny farmer

2007-10-29 18:59:26

Sorry, I am using reason 3. no other hardware, the mk is my only midi device.


2007-10-30 03:40:28

You're saying that BMK stops working after you do some work in Reason 3? (That must be it, because as you say, you have no other MIDI devices or programs going)

I've never had this problem, but I can think of the following four things to check:

1. Check in Reason's Preferences if BMK is the master keyboard and on which channel Reason is expects to recieve data.

2. Check if you didn't accidentally change the channel on which BMK sends its data: it should be the same channel at which Reason listens.

3. Make sure that in Reason, a synthesizer is the selected device before returning to BMK. You'll not hear anything, if BMK sends its Note/CV data to an effect device.

4. Make sure to click your mouse in the BMK window after working in Reason. BMK will not work if it doesn't have focus.

If this was all correct, and BMK will still not work, then I'm thinking you should consider removing and reïnstalling BMK and maybe even Reason, unless someone else has a better idea.

Good luck,


funny farmer

2007-10-30 18:42:20

THanks for the tips. What is happing is that I can only controle the last device created it won't let me go back to other gear. any thoughts


2007-11-01 22:24:04

Hey Funny Farmer,

AHA! Your previous posts were open to multiple interpretations, but now I know what's going on! Actually, the term 'device' is a bit ambiguous, but that's not your fault; it's what they are called in Reason.

BMK is your master keyboard in Reason, but it isn't connected through something like MIDI-Yoke or anything similar. You're also not using Reason's advanced MIDI options.

Now what happens is this: once you have made the first device, BMK will play THAT device.. Whenever you create a new device, only that last one can be controlled from BMK. You can go back to previous devices in Reason, but BMK will not play them anymore... Right?

I think you need to do the following to get it right:
Go back into Reason and open the note sequencer panel. You will see that the last created device is selected. Click the device you want to play IN THE SEQUENCER PANEL, and THEN go back to BMK...

THAT should do the trick. This wasn't a BMK problem, it is something you could have found in the Reason Documentation. Anyway, now it should be working again!

Good Luck,