MK and SX


2007-08-20 17:12:00


I recently installed the MK and attempted to use it with Cubase SX Ver. 1.0.1. I used the LoopBe1. I followed the MK/SX tutorial and everything appears to be connected correctly. The trouble starts when I open a VST. I tried to play the VB-1 according to the tutorial. I see the level meter indicating that I amm getting signal but there is no sound when the VB-1 is connected. However, if I change what is connected from the VB-1 to the Microsoft Wavetable GS I get sound. I can play the different patches in the MK without a problem. But, when I try to record to a MIDI track it will not work. :( Please advise. Am I missing a step somewhere? My rig is a basic PC Pentium III notebook with 512K of memory. By the way the MK is a nice piece of work! All the best.


2007-08-21 11:46:27

Hi, have you made sure to follow this advice in the tutorial:
Devices|Device Setup|VST Multitrack, uncheck the option Release ASIO driver in background.
Without it, you won't hear sound when a different program (i.e. MK) is active.



2007-08-21 14:09:41

Thanks for the prompt response!

Actually that parameter is set correctly.


2007-08-24 14:11:36


After checking back in the Devices Setup I see that I misread the instruction...Now everything is running! Thanks a million! Quick question. How does one use the Settings>Option to change the Qwerty keyboard. I tried to change them around from the default but it was not what was needed. Wanted to go into the lower octaves to make a deeper bassline. Don't think I am using the option correctly. Would it be better maybe to transpose the notes down to the sought after registers? Thanks! Really digging the MK!


2007-09-01 23:13:45

Hi, use the F3 and F4 keys to change the octave of the computer keyboard.



2007-09-04 13:48:58

Hi. Thanks alot for the tip! Have a good one.