Octave shifting


2007-05-08 00:43:21

When playing on the fly and using the A to Z and 1 to 0 keys then that could be enough of a range for some pieces of music with only the ocational note going above or below the range. In that situation it would be great to be able to just hold down either shift key when pressing a key to get a note one octave higher than it would usually produce and also of course pressing the space bar when pressing a key to get a note one octave lower.
Pressing an F key to switch the octave is useful I guess when you want to stay in that new range but not for a one off when playing real time.
This way the almost three octave range that the letter keys and the number keys above the leters can be increased to almost five octaves.
Actually, not only would this affect the upper and lower seven notes but it would also give the middle notes an alternative key option for tricky finger placement, a bit like in guitar playing.


2007-05-14 11:52:36

yes, that's a good idea to let the user define the meaning of the Shift and Ctrl keys. I put it down on the feature request list.



2008-08-18 11:35:30

Any development on this unique idea?!