Mouse Keybord recording problem with Reason 2.


2006-04-02 17:47:33

Hey guys, perhaps it's just me who's a complete newbie at this, but I seem to have a problem with recording in Reason 2 with this Mouse Keyboard.

Well I got that Yoke thing and the and I got it connectedso I can play in Reason, but when I wanna record something and push the red record button, there seems to happen nothing, and I just don't get it....

Hope some of ya will help me, thank you in advance.


2006-04-02 18:25:58

Okay I sorted that myself.

But how the heck are anyone able to switch from minor to major and so on that quickly... my god..


2006-04-16 14:19:17

Please tell me how to...I am newbie too!!


2006-04-18 14:05:38

have you followed the tutorial?