how many notes/keystrokes at the same time?


2006-03-24 03:22:52

the bome's mouse keyboard is one of the most useful things I've found in my whole life......

Recently, I've noticed I can not play several keystrokes at the same time.... why is the reason of this??? triads, 7ths, work right, but when I'm trying to play rare chords, five contiguous white keystrokes for example, the keystrokes don't respond..........what can I do? this feature was intentionally scripted?? help me please :( ..........thanks!!!


2006-03-24 05:05:18

I don't really understand the problem, I've repeatedly played multiple 5-key chords at the same time. I've also been slamming a lot of keys simultaneously on a hardware keyboard, which all got relayed to the mouse keyboard, so I KNOW the BMK can handle it. 20 keys at once were no problem at all.

If you're using the computer keyboard to press all those keys, then THAT might be the culprit; I'm sure the computer's I/O system can't handle that many keys simultaneously, let alone relay all that info into the mouse keyboard. The max is 4 keys, as far as I've seen.

If anyone else knows better, I'd be interested to learn more, though.

Good luck,



2006-03-24 05:38:33

you're right!!! I've change my computer keyboard, and now I can play SOME keystrokes simulteously, that I couldn't before....however, now I can not play SOME chords that I could in my first computer keyboard!!!! my god........

Well, now I must find the right computer keyboard.....hahahahha it was too good to be true....... :( If somebody knows a right model and brand, please tell me....thanks.....


2006-03-24 05:55:42

Sorry friend, when I said a hardware keyboard, I'm afraid I ment a MIDI keyboard, as in a musical instrument :) Ofcourse, in many cases, people are actually using BMK, because they can not (yet) afford to buy an actual midi keyboard... I've been there, done that, didn't even get a T-shirt :(

You might find that some computer keyboards might allow you to do more or less simultaneous keystrokes than others, but none of them will ever allow you to press 10 keys at once. I hope this helps.

On the other hand, if you have BMK convert single keys to chords, you can have the system play 5 notes while pressing only one key, ofcourse... that way, pressing 4 keys, you might be playing 20 notes.

Good luck and happy composing to you,