Unexpected(?) uses for MK


2006-03-22 04:32:39

Playing around with Reason 3, I found that I needed a midi controller, but I could not yet afford to buy a hardware one. So I was very pleased with the Mouse Keyboard. This was more than sufficient; it's EXCELLENT! Especially in conjunction with MidiYoke :)

I've been using MK for quite a while now, but yesterday I could finally afford to buy a hardware controller (M-Audio Keystation 49e, a cheap and simple thing, actually). However, this doesn't mean that the MK is now obsolete!!! On the contrary; together with MidiYoke, the MK is now part of the interface BETWEEN my Keystation and Reason (or the GM synth instead of Reason, for that matter).

Added bonus:
Using a hardware controller, I now have real velocity control, while at the same time the MK can convert each key to a chord, if so desired! I'd like to see any other program do that! :lol:

I just wanted to share this (maybe unexpected) way of using the MK with you guys.




2006-03-22 08:30:43

Hi FreeBee,

I'm very happy to hear your satisfaction! I'm sure your description will help other people in exploiting MK's capabilities.

For me, this use of MK is not entirely new :wink:
In fact, I currently use the same setup every day (Hardware keyboard->MK->Yoke->other software) for development of that "other software".

Also thanks for answering other people's questions!


2006-03-22 12:50:28

Hello Florian,

:oops: No need to thank me. I enjoy helping out. :oops:

Hey, I knew an answer... sue me! :)

Anyway... I'm now going out to buy you a nice postcard from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, because I know you don't have any from here yet :)

Thanks for the great software!

Happy coding,


2007-10-16 20:41:11

Hello Florian,

I must extend my compliments to you.

I've been away from the internet for a while, and just recently had a chance to reconnect. So I visited bome.com to check for any changes, and found a new version of the Mouse Keyboard.

Before installing it, I first searched for the registration key I once recieved, guessing that I might need it.

BIG SURPRISE: unlike many other professional programs, which often reset a number of settings to default when you update, or even require you to uninstall previous versions first, the Mouse Keyboard installation simply installed on top of the old version, retained my registration AND kept the existing settings intact....

I'm impressed! Thank you for the nice work you're doing on your programs.

'Sehr schön gemacht, Florian. Danke schön!'

Best regards from Leeuwarden (NL)



2007-10-17 08:44:24

Great, I appreciate that!