Missing Audio


2006-01-07 09:07:17

A user reported this issue:

I have a question about the product. Everytime I install it, it is working fine till I close the application. The second time I restart the system I am not able to get the audio.
I am wondering why this should happen?
I would be happy if there was a way to make the keys bigger for the use with mouse.


2006-01-07 09:12:22

Regarding the problem:
Could you please provide more details:

1) the first time you start Mouse Keyboard, check the MIDI OUT menu: which device is active?

2) the second time, is that after restarting the computer, or after restarting Mouse Keyboard?

3) the second time, when there's no audio, check the MIDI OUT menu. Which item is active? Any error messages?

4) Check Windows mixer: the synthesizer may be on mute or so.

5) "The second time", can you play MIDI files?

Thanks for answering.

You can make the keys bigger in the Options|Settings menu, item "Key Width".