Traktor Kontrol X1 Touch Strip to JKL on keyboard

gee junk

2016-08-17 20:35:20

Hi all...

I'm new to Bome. And i've tried to suss this out myself. :|

My controller is a Natives Instruments X1 MK2. It has a touch sensitive strip (pitch bend) which id like to map it to function like a standard keyboard using the keys JKL (for video editing)

The way the keyboard is used:

Pressing K equals Pause

Pressing L equals Play normal speed
Pressing LL equals Play+50 faster speed
Pressing LLL equals Play+75 faster speed
Pressing LLLL equals Play+125 faster speed
Pressing LLLLL equals Play+200 faster speed

Pressing J equals Reverse Play
Pressing JJ equals Reverse Play 50 faster speed
Pressing JJJ equals Reverse Play 75 faster speed
Pressing JJJJ equals Reverse Play 125 faster speed
Pressing JJJJJ equals Reverse Play 200 faster speed

Pressing K plus L equals Jog forwards 6 continuously until released
Pressing K plus J equals Jog Backwards 6 continuously until released

Is there a way to map my strip to mimic these controls?
I've been going insane trying to figure this out.... I'm close to throwing the towel in.

Please help. Cheers Mike


2016-08-18 11:22:29

Hi Gee,
you're probably using "Bome MIDI Translator Pro", right? This is the forum for Mouse Keyboard. I can move your topic to the right forum.

Regarding your question: I'm not yet exactly sure what you're trying to achieve. My best guess is that you want to map the MIDI messages coming from your X1 to JKL keystrokes for controlling a video editor?