Will MK work interfacing with the Makey Board?


2014-09-22 19:51:55

I'd like to try the makey makey board. It's a circuit board that sends serial data via a USB cable,
thus behaving like a keyboard.

I'm hoping I can use the MK software to interface so that I can use the makey board and create a MIDI
track with my recoding software and DAW.

Does anyone know if this type of configuration will work?


2014-12-16 09:09:41

Hi, sorry I have missed this post! I'm not entirely sure what kind of data the makey makey board is sending. If it arrives as a Serial Port on the computer, then you cannot use Mouse Keyboard with it.
However, the upcoming MIDI Translator Pro version 1.8 will feature unlimited Serial-to-MIDI (and vice versa) translations. We plan to release it in the next weeks. You can sign up to the announcement list to get a notification when it is released.


2014-12-16 18:27:49

Thanks Florian - I signed up for announcements!