rename virtual ports


2010-01-01 21:56:21


i am using all 5 virtual ports of bome MT
1-4 for decks A,B,C,D and 5 for global functions

my problem: all virtual ports appear as "Bome's Midi Trans..." in traktor. could you rename them to something short like "BomeMT-1" or similar?

thank you


2010-01-07 10:24:40

Hi tecxx,

are you working on WIN or OS X?



2010-01-07 12:57:38

windows 7 x64

in device manager the midi ports all have the name "Bome's Virtual MIDI Port Device"

in traktor i see them as "2- Bome's Midi Trans..." and "3- Bome's Midi Trans..."

cheers :)


2010-01-11 10:36:50


I can't follow up.

Which build number and what version do you have?



2010-03-17 17:33:17

I'd like to request this too. It can be done in 'midi pipe' and it saves the pipes and their names with the pipe file, making for a portable setup.

For the record Bome's is better than pipes in all other respects.


2010-11-04 16:41:17

hi, right now, it's not possible to rename the ports from within Midi Translator. We thought that consistent naming will make it portable, as it's "Bome's Midi Translator X" (where X is the index number 1...5) on all platforms.

However, there are several problems touched in this thread:

1) Traktor only displays the first part of the port name, so you cannot see the index number. Of course, the NI (the Traktor guys) should fix this really. Using a short virtual port name would be a workaround ("BomeMT 1" or so), BUT it would loose the nice aspect that the full name says what it is: I wouldn't like people to wonder what this "BomeMT" is...

2) On Windows Vista and Windows 7, some port names have other prepended index numbers: "2 - Bome's Midi Translator 3" or so. This prepended number is added by Windows itself. It is a bug in Windows, known by Microsoft, but apparently they do not want to fix it. Currently, there is no way to work around this. We work on a new MIDI driver where this problem will not be exposed.

3) free form naming of MIDI ports -- we may add such an option in later versions of Midi Translator. Currently it is reserved to OEM customers.

Hope that explains some...


2011-08-06 16:47:57

thanks for answering, and sorry for the ... very... late reply.

i understand that ni should fix this, and microsoft should fix their bug, but sadly neither of those two have done that so far. i upgraded to the new traktor version and it's still the same situation for me.

if it's as simple as naming the ports "BomeMT 1" then that would do it for me. maybe as an option in the settings menu so i can choose if i want short or long names for the ports?

cheers ;)


2011-09-14 21:57:24


unfortunately, there is more implicated with the naming of the ports, e.g. presets that use the ports reference them in the "Default MIDI ports" and using a different port name from the established one will render those presets incompatible, i.e. they won't run out of the box but require the user to re-assign the ports.

But having an option to use short names is a good idea. Or, it just occurred to me, use a name like "BMT 1 (Bome's Midi Translator)". I can then add magic to automatically map these ports to the old virtual port names.