TRAKTOR 3 + BCD2000 + MTv1.5 = pitch n scratch heaven!!


2006-05-05 14:21:21

Hi all,

Just a quick posting to say that I have created a new Bome's MT v1.5 template (4xinternal templates) that work with NI's Traktor 3. The files are over on the NI forum, you can grab the ZIP file with the MT template and the Traktor MIDI setup file >here<, the PDF doc for the settings from the BCD2000, what they translate into, and what Traktor 3 reads is also available >here< PLEASE NOTE: references to EQ kills should be set to HOLD mode now, not TOGGLE.

Big up Florian for a top notch quality MIDI addon, if I never found it, I'd be mixing beats with the back of my hands..... nuff respek (I'll be buying my licence for v1.5 imminently!)


2006-05-05 15:24:17

Where did you download v1.5 from?


2006-05-06 00:23:17

If you already have v1.4, just email Florian and he will give you access to it on a restricted server, only as long as you have a licence already for v1.4. I bought mine as a commercial version (will be using for dj sets playing out at Drum&Bass nights soon, so went down the 100% legal path). Best bet is to email Florian


2006-05-09 08:45:46

yes, see this post for more information:

  • DJ Fresha's setup (BCD2000+Traktor) requires "Midi Translator Pro 1.5beta", since it uses a "Pro" feature (timers)
  • Rishis's setup (BCD2000+Serato Scratch Live) requires "Midi Translator 1.5beta"
I'm working on public releases of both new versions.



2006-05-10 02:33:20

florian wrote: I'm working on public releases of both new versions.
1. Thank you for this amazing and only one solution.
2. Tell me, Midi Translator Pro 1.5beta I'll be able to use non-commercial for free. I'm at Army right now, so I cannot pay. Will it be aviable to send you a postcard, and purchase this software for home use.


2006-05-10 06:13:20


the main reason for separating a "standard" from a "pro" version is a separation from a basic tool to an advanced tool. Therefore, the "pro" version will not be available as postcardware.

I will release a "pro" demo version (30-day trial) soon.



2006-05-18 14:05:01



2006-05-18 14:07:10

Very Happy


2006-05-18 14:07:59

hi all,
i've been playing around with traktor dj 3.0 and the hercules dj control mp3 and must tell u it doesnt work here either. i was trying to convert a cc 1 and cc 127 message from 2 controllers into keystrokes. thats the only function i would be using MT for. all the other controllers are assignable the way i like it.

hercules used to support their dj console mapper for other controllers, but not for the control mp3 unit.

florian, i know u r working on it, and i wanted to thank u for it. so this is just an addition to earlier posts.


DJ Solace

2006-06-16 02:28:47

Hi all. I'm having a few problems with the BCD and Traktor 3 and MT 1.5.

It seems when I load traktor and trigger a MIDI message from the BCD I get the blue screen of death and the system reboots! Kinda frustrating!

I'm thinking to do a fresh install and test the configuration again, to see how it responds. Other than that I am baffled as to what to do! Currently using MIDI Yoke so might try some other virtual cabling instead.

Anyone else experienced this problem??? Advice is appreciated


DJ Solace

PS Should I uninstall previous versions of Traktor on the system???

Toshiba Laptop 1.4Gzh 512 RAM

USB 2.0 120GB External HD

Behringer BCD 2000

Traktor 2.5 & 3


2006-06-16 10:35:45

Hi, I haven't heard of or experienced any crashes (or even blue screens) in conjunction with Midi Translator. Though someone has posted something like that about Yoke in these forums. I am using Yoke for years without any problems.

Note: I'm working on an inbuilt virtual MIDI port for Midi Translator (pro).