APC20 pad led feedback


2016-12-24 17:46:39

looking for methods to keep the leds on while this toggles in the program the led is turned off by hardware.. tried timer but looking for better options
thanks for any input


2017-01-02 05:50:53

i get get proper led output while holding button... any suggestions on "rules" so that i can toggle led feedback as i will only have 1 note change at a time


2017-01-30 06:49:36

yes, a simple way is this scheme:

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Incoming: Note On, note pp, velocity qq
Outgoing: Raw MIDI "90 pp g0"
The rules will toggle the value of g0 each time you press a note. Note that we use the Pro edition's "Note On" incoming MIDI action here, which will not trigger on Note Off (as would Raw MIDI "90 pp qq" do).
The action sends out a raw MIDI message with velocity g0, 127 being a Note On and 0 being a Note Off.

Note you need to use a separate global variable for every LED.