double click (left mouse button)


2014-04-14 16:35:29

Hi all,

how can i make a double click (left mouse button)

I look in Outgoing/Mouse
- Button click
- Left

Many thanks


2014-04-14 16:47:30

Hi gutschein

There is, unfortunately, not double click command, but we can use a repeating timer to "fake" a double click command.

To do this we need to use one incoming message which will trigger a timer which will send out twice at a pre-determined interval. Every time the timer triggers it will activate a mouse click. It should look something like:

Code: Select all

Translator 1: Button Press
Incoming Message: 90 40 7F
Outgoing Message: Double Click Timer 0ms delay Multiple Times: 2 Repetition Delay 10ms

Translator 2: Timer
Incoming message: Double Click Timer
Outgoing Message: Mouse Button Click Left
Each time you press the button the timer will trigger twice and the mouse will click twice. You may need to play around with the Repetition delay to make sure it is accurate.

Hope that helps


2014-04-14 23:01:24


many thank.
I dont understand.
I get 1000 klicks.

Please look my screenshots
(213.65 KiB) Downloaded 166 times


2014-04-14 23:42:10

Set the multiple times to 2 instead of the default of 1000


2014-04-15 05:53:18

Many thanks it works great