Bomebox Swallowed my devices


2017-01-11 00:10:37

Hey all
Very excited to get the Bomebox connected but I'm bumping into what seems like a simple issue and I am wondering if someone can help.

I've already written a big mtp program with 4 midi controllers. Two of the controllers (midi fighter twister and launchpad mk2) , are now plugged into the Bomebox which is connecting to my POE injector-->PC --> MTP via a cat5 cable. they used to be connected via 2 separate usb cables with their own port names. The issue is, when I go to re assign the port aliases, I can't replace the twister AND the launchpad with the Bomebox alias.

Is there a way to separate the usb MIDI coming out of the Bomebox somehow so that I can plug it simply back into my MTP program? There are lots of multi channel back and forth lighting messages and layers of masks that would make remapping this setup a nightmare if not an impossibility.

I was thinking along the lines of having two "net midi" connections to the same PC so that in the web config I can route the twister i/o to one and the launchpad i/o to another. I just don't know how to set that up or of it's even possible?

Thanks in advance if anybody can help out


2017-01-11 00:55:32

Hi, indeed, that's a current limitation of the Bome Network tool: there's only one MIDI connection possible.
In general, the BomeBox is not a USB-MIDI break-out box so it does not expose any connected MIDI devices to the computer as own MIDI ports. If possible, it's probably best to run the MT Pro project on the BomeBox.

Otherwise, if your controllers don't use too many channels, you could map the channels of one device so that you can divide the MIDI streams again on the computer. Not particularly beautiful, but it'll work.

Having said that, we do plan to add the possibility to create multiple MIDI streams in a future version.