Bomebox at NAMM in Jan, 2017


2016-12-25 05:58:26

I received email and it says, "We’re very busy preparing for the NAMM Show in Anaheim in January. There, we’ll present some great new features for the BomeBox and MIDI Translator Pro… meet us at our booth #1088 in hall E!"

I wonder what those new features will be. I am planning to attend. Looking forward to meeting folks from Bome Software.


2017-01-31 00:45:49

We'll follow up with a newsletter with details about the announcements... If you've been at the booth, we have probably outlined what's coming up. Otherwise, here is the ad from the show magazine:
Magazine Ad 12-16 BomeBox 1c2 FINAL.jpg
Magazine Ad 12-16 BomeBox 1c2 FINAL.jpg (54.92 KiB) Viewed 2016 times


2017-01-31 03:35:02

Did you come to NAMM yourself? If you did, sorry I didn't get to meet you there. No, I was not given any info on new features, but thanks for the newsletter.


2017-01-31 03:56:07

yes, I was at our booth for most of Thursday and Friday, but away in meetings pretty much all the weekend (and during the storm flood).
Sorry we haven't met!
Check out some photos on Facebook.