Hardware: Connections not tight


2016-12-03 18:11:13

So, not sure if this is because I have the pre-production version or not, but my USB-mini that I have hooked up to the power likes to fall out and the USB connection from my hub is quite loose.

Was this an issue at all with pre-production models?
Anyone else with a pre-production model have this issue?
Think/know if it's resolved with the producetion model?

I have tape, but I imagine this will only be an issue at the worst possible times. heh heh


2016-12-04 00:49:39

Indeed, Micro-USB is not the tightest connection possible. At the time, we thought micro-USB is great because so many cheap power supplies are available. But some connectors don't hold tight. Pre-production models have the same connectors, so it depends on the plug you're using how tight you can get. Some cables are better than others.
If this really becomes a burden, use a Power-over-Ethernet Injector as a power supply. You need a 48V model, cheap ones are available as cheap as $15. The Ethernet cable won't fall out on its own.


2016-12-04 13:55:55

Thanks Florian!

BTW: going with a very standard micro-USB is brilliant. No dedicated power supplies to lose, misplace, get damaged & be without a device until a replacement is found! Or even if you forget to pack a power supply for a gig - someone will have a cell phone charger.