Basic USB MIDI ignorance: Laptop as outboard device


2016-12-03 16:45:52

Guess I could draw this out and post a grahic, but my ignorance is in how Windows and USB MIDI works. But I'm not terribly bright. Apologies, this is a stupid.

My fantasy is that I can hook up the laptop via USB to the Hub as a slave device, with the USB Hub master going to the BomeBox. I'm not terribly sure why I think I should do this, but parts of it are so that I can troubleshoot scripts without having to unplug/replug modules for testing out scripts, fantasizing I can route through MTPro on the laptop *or* via the BomeBox. Also I like to create sequences on the laptop and download them to the OT, so it'd be nice to have the laptop slaved.

That is:
I have a 4 port USB Hub
1 - USB Keyboard Controller
2 - Prophet 12 Keyboard
3 - UM-One (USB to MIDI routing to multiple multitimbral romplers)
4 - Laptop

BomeBox DIN: In/Out Octatrack

The BomeBox doesn't recognize the laptop as a Port.

This is really a stupid approach, eh?
I guess I could always get a multi-port MIDI module instead of the UM-One connected to the USB Hub and route the signal back into the laptop with the UM-One connected to the laptop...?


2016-12-04 00:45:46

I believe you need "Bome Network": connect the BomeBox to a computer via Ethernet or WiFi and get MIDI access to it.
If yes, please PM me and I'll send you a beta. We're currently working on a final version for BomeBox owners.


2016-12-04 13:57:56