Can a BomeBox appear on a CopperLan network?


2016-11-12 23:58:28

Can a BomeBox appear on a CopperLan network, just like a computer? Is the BomeBox a Linux computer? Would it have the capacity to run an embedded install of CopperLan?


2016-11-13 09:58:09

the BomeBox is not specifically made for CopperLAN, and we do not know anything specific about this network protocol.

On the other hand, the BomeBox is running an embedded Linux indeed, and unless CopperLAN requires a lot of resources (memory, CPU), the BomeBox should be capable of running it. Our processes are often user-driven, so if there is enough demand, we may consider looking into this protocol and if it's possible (also legally) to add support. So far, we focus on adding OSC and RTP-MIDI.

Other than that, the BomeBox behaves like a standard Ethernet/WiFi network router and dual-port Ethernet switch, so any Ethernet protocol should work fine with the BomeBox as switch/DHCP server/etc.



2017-01-10 23:35:02

I just got my Bomebox connected and yes, it automatically appears on the list in copper lan :D