Problems Getting Setup


2016-10-22 18:49:10

Having trouble getting the BomeBox setup - can someone point me in the right direction?

I have just one keyboard hooked up via the MIDI Din, the USB power to a computer and an ethernet to the same computer.

I've set up the ethernet as DHCP master. The computer connected directly to the bome box has no wifi, and no internet connection - I just want to have the bomebox simply connected with the wifi disabled.

I cannot access the webconfig with the computer connected via ethernet. My computer says its connected to a network.
Am I supposed to have MIDI ports added to my computer with the bomebox attached?
Am I missing something?

When I have WIFI on, and access the webconfig via another computer, it was showing my other computer (which is connected via ethernet) connected to the box..


2016-10-22 21:15:49

Hi, for MIDI connectivity to a computer, you need the Bome Network tool, which is currently available on request only to BomeBox owners (we're working on finalizing it for public release). I'll PM you with the download details.
The Bome Network tool also provides a menu for accessing the web config of any connected BomeBoxes -- via Ethernet or WiFi.

Note: the Bome Network tool is not required for accessing the web config. For that, a web browser is sufficient.



2016-10-22 21:24:32

Hi whitetree, I cannot reach you via PM. Please contact us for access to the Bome Network tool. Thanks!