BomeBox: Multiples of the same device


2016-10-19 17:48:21


I have 4 Allen & Heath Xone 1D's and 2 Waldorf Blofelds and would like to connect them using the bomebox.
I want to remap the Xone 1D's so they can be used in FL Studio and also that they can be adressed as 1 device.
The Blofelds i just want to connect so they can be used both by 2 computers without disconnecting them every time.

I currently use a iConnectMIDI4+ and it only supports one of each device. As soon as you plug in another of the same device one of them will not be recognised. The rest of the devices I have to connect directly via USB.
The problem I'm facing is that Windows 7 likes to change the device numbers on reconnect sometimes, resulting in a non-working Midi Translator project. I can solve this by reassigning the aliases to the right devices but it's kind of a PITA to do this.

Same thing with the Blofelds, Windows 7 likes to swap them around sometimes.

So my question is: Does the BomeBox support multiples of the same device via USB-MIDI?


2016-10-19 17:57:38

in MIDI Translator Pro 1.8.1, we have worked very hard to make usage with multiple-of-the-same USB-MIDI devices as consistent as possible. It works best for devices with a USB serial number. You can use USBDeview on Windows to find out. If there is no serial number, MT Pro uses the USB path (which hub number, etc.) but as you know, Windows likes to change things around on reboot.

On the BomeBox, we use the same algorithm, but we have not yet implemented the serial number approach -- but the USB path should be consistent across reboots (not well tried yet).

So, yes, the BomeBox supports multiple of the same, and there is some consistency, and better in future (firmware upgrade).