Fix for flakey usb midi devices


2016-09-18 07:03:36

Hi Florian
I have a few older usb 2 midi devices that don't like being on the end of too many hubs and/or USB 3.0 ports. This can be a problem when using a laptop, especially when the sole USB 2 port has two internal hubs in the way already.

If I had one of your magic boxes with a single USB 2 hub (multi-translator) plugged in, could I expect a more robust performance if accessed over the ethernet?

Supplementaries: USB 3? New Win 10 Midi API compatible?




2016-09-20 00:50:31

Hi Ray,
now that's an interesting use case for the BomeBox. I wonder why those MIDI devices prefer fewer hubs in the way... Anyway, the BomeBox USB port is the USB root, so it should be as good as things can get for you, USB-wise.

The Ethernet access is very solid and well tested, but of course it adds at least one additional potential point of failure to the big picture (and if it's just the Ethernet cable). Oh, and one thing to note: the BomeBox Ethernet MIDI protocol only has one MIDI stream. That means, if you want to access multiple MIDI devices which are attached to your BomeBox, from your computer, the MIDI streams of all devices will be merged into one stream. This can become a problem, of course, if your devices use all channels simultaneously, or the target software on the computer requires separate MIDI ports for the different MIDI devices.

I have updated the online specs that it's USB 2.

I'm not sure what you mean with Windows 10 MIDI API compatible? If using the connector app ("Bome Network"), you'll get a virtual MIDI port which works fine on Windows 10, and I'm pretty sure will also be accessible via the new MIDI API. But I don't have a test program yet.



2016-09-23 08:20:42

Thanks Florian.
florian wrote:I'm not sure what I mean by Windows 10 MIDI API compatible [...]
until today all I knew was there was one and that it was different and thought there may be implications.

A timely blog post tells more including mentioning networked midi. I'm now out of my depth.




2016-09-23 11:26:03

Our software is 100% Windows 10 compatible. The new UWP MIDI API adds a few additional features, and we plan to support it in a future version of MIDI Translator Pro and the Bome Network program.

Excellent blog post! Some interesting details. Thanks.