Factory Reset


2016-09-14 12:18:05

Hello !
I just received the BomeBox. Unfortunately, I did something stupid and now I can't access the Web interface anymore neither over Wifi nor Ethernet.
I first connected easily (over Wifi), then checked the box "Client" in the Wifi settings to see what it does (that's realy dumb because I know nothing about networks, hotspots, clients etc.) and I can't see the box since then.
I tried the .txt trick with two different sticks but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
So I'd like to know if it's possible to factory reset the box or something like that ?
Thanks for your help


2016-09-16 01:59:25

Hi Hotchkiss,
sorry for the late reply! The factory reset is done by way of a USB thumb drive as explained in the instructions. It should reset the network to factory defaults.
You can also directly connect the BomeBox to a computer using an Ethernet cable.

If all that does not work, please contact us directly.



2016-10-18 06:44:51

The name of the file that the bomebox creates is different than on the instructions 00012345_network_reset.txt is what the instructions say and the file generated is 0012345_reset_network.txt.

I copying the file so I had both file names on my thumb drive when I booted the bome box and the network reset worked OK.


2016-10-18 11:31:26

Hi sjcaldwell,
you're absolutely right -- it's a bug in the instructions!