to route midi back to itself


2016-09-10 08:31:03

I have one of those Casio keyboards with two midi ports (16 A midi channels and 16 B midi channels)but only one usb connector. Both midi ports can be controlled by midi coming from keypads and panel buttons. Only midi from the first port can be sendt out through this usb connector. Only second midiport can be assessed from external midi source(sequencer, pc) through same usb connector. Can Bomebox help me to send midi from first midiport back to second midiport, to route midi back to itself? I would also like to duplicate outgoing notes from first midiport to all 16 channels to experiment with "massive stacks" on second midiport.


2016-10-01 16:46:10

Hi Maki,
sorry for the LATE reply! Somehow, this posting got overseen.

I don't fully understand the problem, but I'm quite sure that the BomeBox can achieve what you want. You can route any device's MIDI to any MIDI port, including back to the device, and to multiple MIDI ports at the same time (duplicating MIDI streams). Using a project created in MIDI Translator Pro, you can even duplicate messages on channel level, or do any other type of merging/splitting/filtering/duplicating you can imagine.

If you outline which cables you'd connect from which port to which BomeBox port, and which MIDI port should be routed to which MIDI port(s), I can better understand what you're trying to achieve.