MIDI interface compatibility...


2016-09-09 11:04:56

I got my Bomebox (hooray) and was looking at re-organising my network of midi cables, hubs, merge/split boxes, etc, and adding some usb midi controllers. My question is: what do I need to look for (in a midi interface) to be certain that when I plug it into the Bomebox it will recognise it and it will work? I know that the Roland Um-One mk 2 should work, but I am interested in adding more 5-pin Din Midi ports than this offers. Is the phrase "class compliant" on a midi interface enough to be sure it will be compatible, or is/are there other consideration/s. Alternatively, does anyone have any experience of any other interfaces which they can confirm as working with the bomebox?


2016-09-10 11:04:03

Hi Monopluralist,
indeed, "class compliant" is the important criterion. And while we cannot give any guarantees, we have not been able to find a class compliant USB-MIDI device which did not work on the BomeBox.

Stay away, however, from very cheap, no-name, interfaces. Many of them are flawed. They might work for simple tasks, but fail for high data rates (continuous controllers) and/or Sys Ex data.

Conversely (just for completeness), we've made sure that the BomeBox DIN ports work well with 3.3V MIDI (as sometimes found in mobile devices' DIN ports), and also that the BomeBox DIN ports drive MIDI-powered devices.

Other owners of the BomeBox, feel free to contribute to this thread so that it can become a growing list of tested MIDI interfaces.



2016-09-13 16:14:48

M-Audio Midiman Midisport 2x2 Anniversary Edition - Fully working (using powered USB hub)

I found I had an old one of these I was using as a merge box and had forgotten it was also a USB interface!

***Edited to confirm working status***