BomeBox and MIDI Merge with USB


2016-09-05 08:01:17

I was looking at the BomeBox as a way to control aspects of my Analog Rytm using a Launch Control XL without a computer. I was also looking into a way to send MIDI sync + merge with MIDI note data as I have a MIDI keyboard (with both USB and reg MIDI connector) and a Beatstep Pro (with both USB and reg MIDI connector) that I want to send controller data, midi note data to a synth (Waldorf Pulse 2 with both USB and reg MIDI connector) along with MIDI sync from an external source most likely via regular MIDI connector. So, with the BomeBox and perhaps MIDI Translator Pro what can I achieve here? Could I have sync coming in via standard MIDI port that goes out to all devices via USB (USB Hub) and then have merge capability so I can send note and controller data to the synth either from BSP or keyboard?


2016-09-05 17:33:01

Hi, in short: all this should be possible with the BomeBox, running a MT Pro project. MIDI sync, when received from one port, can be routed to all (or a selection of) other ports, and other ports can be merged from multiple ports down to one, etc.

You can also map other MIDI aspects, keep state, use multiple presets and switch them as needed, or, for example, map MIDI notes to MIDI controllers, etc.



2016-09-05 18:39:53

Thanks for the response! So the BomeBox with the MT Pro Software looks like it can act as a computerless USB host and a USB MIDI Patchbay/Merger/Filter/Router for all my gear. Cool.


2016-09-06 00:37:27

Indeed! And you've done a better job of summarizing the functionality in one sentence than I've ever managed to :)


2016-09-06 22:20:26

Much thanks for the responses. Final question: BomeBox is not meant to work with a computer via USB however seems to me that via my audio interface which has a 5 pin MIDI in/out port for I can send any MIDI data out of my DAW or to my DAW connected to BomeBox 5 pin MIDI in/out. Correct? Also could one expand the 5 pin MIDI into BomeBox merely by using a MIDI thru box?


2016-09-07 00:10:56

yes, you can send MIDI from a computer to the BomeBox using a 5-pin DIN MIDI port. We'll also make available a connector app "Bome Network" for Windows/macOS/Linux/iOS/Android to create direct MIDI connections to a BomeBox via Ethernet or WiFi.

Regarding a Thru Box: you can connect the BomeBox' MIDI OUT to a MIDI Thru box (like MIDI Solutions) to make it 2 or 4 MIDI OUTs. However, all MIDI OUT ports will deliver the exact same MIDI data. If you want multiple MIDI DIN ports which you can address individually, you can add USB-MIDI interfaces (like Roland UM-ONE) to the USB port (possibly with a USB hub) to the BomeBox USB host port.



2016-10-31 21:04:25

I'm wondering if I could you something like iConnectivity mio4 4x4 with my BomeBox. Initially I was thinking to use instead of a merge box for additional midi DIN connections. I suppose if I did that, perhaps it would still only see all DIN attached devices as a single port.

I guess my question would be if there is a way to connect it to BomeBox as a host and if so, whether all connections would be exposed as separate devices?

Here is a link to the manual. I'm pretty sure I would need to use a Windows or Mac host to set it up initially but then maybe once set up it could expose all ports separately to the BomeBox? ... alV1-0.pdf


2016-11-01 16:08:50

Hi, we have tested with a number of multi-port USB-MIDI interfaces, and they work fine with the BomeBox -- each port is exposed as a single MIDI port in the BomeBox.


2016-11-01 16:22:29

Florian, at the risk of repeating myself as I do with many of your post, happily I say "Wonderful".


2016-11-01 16:44:30

no risk, no fun :)


2016-11-15 23:21:26

...and here i was just wondering this very question as I added another 'vintage' (*giggle*) 90s rompler with DIN MIDI to my rig today. Still yet to hook it up, but was scanning the forums for possibility of using multiple UM-ONE's on a USB hub and BINGO!

No need for a MIDI router! Woo!
And conditional routing!

Seriously: I love you guys!