(!) BomeBox is Shipping!


2016-08-29 15:21:43

We're extremely happy to announce availability of the BomeBox™ in our web shop. It has come a long way, but this is just the start!

Our introductory offer for the first production batch is €199 (approx. US$225) plus shipping, so get it while supplies last!

Now we're thrilled to watch the BomeBox ecosystem grow in studios, stages, theaters... Let us know your experiences and questions in this forum! We also have an extensive FAQ.

Think inside the box!
The Bome team -- Florian, Georg, Magnus, Jared, Andi, Whit


2016-10-20 02:01:52

I am very happy for you.
But even happier for myself.

I will buy Bome Box and MIDI Translator Pro immediately from your shop.

But I need a link to buy a power supply from Jameco here in the USA if you dont mind.
I have nothing but thier PSUs on all my gear.

Thanks Flor and congrats for such passion and dedication.


2016-10-20 11:23:04

Hi, we recommend a power supply with at least 1A at 5V. The BomeBox uses 150mA, and will pass along to attached USB devices up to 1A. So, more than 1.15A will not be used by the BomeBox, but it's usually a good idea to have some headroom for a stable power supply.

Note: all that only matters if you plan to attach multiple USB devices using an non-powered hub. Otherwise, powering through an active hub is probably the best solution.

These standard USB power supplies will work fine (in order of my preference): If you plan to attach multiple USB-MIDI devices, a powered USB hub can be used to provide power to the USB devices and to power the BomeBox itself. See the images here for the configuration. Any brand name hub should work, we usually use D-Link hubs.

Another option is to use Power over Ethernet (PoE): it provides a stable power source and has the additional advantage of a larger connector with click. Standard PoE power supplies (48V "PoE injector") can be bought for as low as $10, you don't need to use Ethernet.

Hope that helps!


2016-10-20 13:03:50

Indeed it does.
Look forward to bothering people here for help as I incorporate this into my stage rig.


2016-10-20 13:21:14

PS: updated my reply with info about PoE power supply.


2016-11-02 01:03:37

Just got this and was wondering if everything looked good.
Specs should be OK I hope.


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2016-11-02 16:49:38

yes, looks good to me (from the specs).