connecting and disconnecting during script programming


2016-08-07 16:49:33

I need to clarify once more what a future owner of this, obviously good product, needs to deal with.
While programming a script, all involved midi devices are normally connected to a computer running Translator, right?
But, when Translator file is ready to be transferred to a Bomebox:
1)do we need to disconnect all our devices and reconnect them all to a Bomebox every time we need to test slightly edited script or
2)a Bomebox can allways sit between PC running Translator and all involved mididevices while script is being developed on a PC?

What would be the correct understanding of working situation, 1 or 2?

I am of course most worried if we need to disconnect and reconnect all devices between PC and Bomebox all the time during script programming and testing.



2016-08-20 22:23:46

No answer for two weeks?


2016-08-29 15:14:36

sorry!! your post slipped under the Bome radar.

The normal mode of operation is that you develop and test your script (aka MIDI Translator Pro project) on a computer. Once it works fine, load it into the BomeBox. Then, of course, you need to attach all the MIDI devices to the BomeBox. The BomeBox does not have (direct) access to the computer. After all, the main idea of the BomeBox is to replace the computer... And we don't have (yet) an integrated development system for direct debugging. In general, though, my personal experience is that projects which work fine in MT Pro will run exactly the same on the BomeBox, so I have never had the need to frequently switch devices. And using a USB hub means it's just one cable (plus possibly 2 MIDI DIN cables) you need to switch. Last, but not least, for your very serious debugging needs, you can get a 2-way USB switch, which lets you directly select computer or BomeBox with a button.

Having said that, we're developing a connector app "Bome Network" which will create a direct network MIDI connection from BomeBox to any connected computer, tablet, or smartphone. It will not expose all connected devices to the computer, but create one networked MIDI route, which you can configure as you want on the BomeBox. Note: for accessing the web config, you don't need the Bome Network tool! The web config is accessed via a standard web browser.

And since today, the BomeBox is available in the webshop!


2016-08-30 22:09:09

But do we need to restart Bomebox each time a new script is sendt to Bomebox?


2016-09-03 15:22:47

no, you don't need to restart the BomeBox, but you will need to restart the project (i.e. click on it after uploading in the web config).
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2017-02-02 05:13:41

We've just released the Bome Network tool: