Question: Txfr'ing Projects to BomeBox/MIDI Ports


2016-07-19 16:49:23

Okay, I've only used MTPro for some extremely basic processing in the past, but in prep for BomeBox I'm excited about the possibility of using a more complex script without a computer for performance & currently trying to design/code it.

However one nagging bit I have in the back of my head:
On the PC version of MTPro (licenced), I'm using ports specific to the PC which will not be available once I have a BomeBox in the rig.

That is:
[Controller] -> PC/UM-ONE MIDI to USB IN -> MTPro -> UM-ONE MIDI to USB OUT -> [Synth]

However, if BomeBox is supposed to allow me to load my MTPro translators from the PC, will there be a way to change the setup to
[Controller] -> BomeBox In -> [Translate] -> BomeBox Out -> [Synth]

Since labels/port definitions will effectively be changed, no?


2016-07-21 20:26:59

Yes. It's the same as with MT Pro: if a MIDI port stored in the project file is not found as a physical MIDI port, it becomes an alias which you can freely assign to an existing MIDI port (in the web config). So if your project uses "UM-ONE" for the default MIDI ports, loading that project file into the BomeBox will prompt you to define which actual port "UM-ONE" corresponds to on the BomeBox.

You can also prepare your projects for the BomeBox: instead of using "UM-ONE" in your project, create a port alias "BomeBox DIN" (with exactly that spelling) for both MIDI IN and MIDI OUT and use that instead of the UM-ONE. On the computer, assign it to the UM-ONE port (so it says: BomeBox DIN -> UM-ONE). Now when you load it into the BomeBox, it'll pick up the built-in MIDI ports automatically.

Hope that clarifies.


2016-07-21 22:03:12

Completely clarifies!
Thank you for the response!


2016-08-05 16:57:20

Okay - more! [eyeroll]
Not sure if this is a setup issue, or just standard #StupidUserTricks.

In following the steps above, I changed my project ports on MTPro with [Create Alias] to label the UM-ONE as "BomeBox DIN". I changed the Router on MTPro to go connect [BomeBox DIN] to [BomeBox DIN]. Loaded the .bmtp file into the BomeBox and it's active.

In MIDI Routes I have [BomeBox DIN] and [BomeBox DIN]

However, in MIDI Ports the status of both is "Pending"

No translation seems to be getting through to my synth (using the Bank Change translator as posted in another thread resolving the "Controller sends MSB but synth understands LSB on bank changes" scenario)

Note: The Green LED at the MIDI IN flashes when I send the bank change, but the LED at MIDI OUT does not come on.

So: stupid user tricks - I must be not setting up my ports/routing properly...?

I [Closed] my MTPro translator project & attempted to just send MIDI through: still receiving IN but no OUT, ports show as Pending.

I reloaded the _Default MIDI Routes: still receiving IN but no OUT, DIN ports show as "Pending"

I noticed the Defaults do not route DIN to DIN, so I added a Route BomeBox DIN to BomeBox DIN: still receiving IN but no OUT, BomeBox DIN ports show as "Pending".

I apparently have a basic misunderstanding of what I'm supposed to be connecting/routing/selecting that is not being resolved by the QuickStartGuide. :(


Testing if the issues I'm experiencing are a case of misunderstanding the web interface: I hooked up a UM-ONE to the USB of the BomeBox, using the MIDI DIN side of that connection between my controller & the synth. Everything looks proper & as expected in the Router & Ports screens of the WebConfig & sends and receives MIDI data as expected. Loaded my MTPro project to the Box, and the scripts work as expected, sending correct bank change information.

However, the BomeBox DIN are always saying "Pending".
Did I misconfigure something on the MIDI DIN side of things?
I would tend to believe the fact I have no (few?) problems connecting via alternate physical connections/ports that I have at least a working knowledge of how to make the router & port perhaps I'm more confused why it works as expected in one physical connection scenario & not another.

I have a current workaround apparently for now, but I *really* need to be able to use the MIDI DIN ports on the box.


2016-08-07 00:23:48

Hi CreepyPants,

you may have encountered a firmware bug which, in some situations, causes the BomeBox to not recognize the DIN ports. Terribly sorry, I'll PM you asap with the fixed firmware.

As a workaround, you might get those ports to work by closing the current project (so that the web config says [none]), and then rebooting the BomeBox.



2016-08-07 15:30:52

Ding! That was it.
Thank you! :)
(we have a winner)

However it doesn't resolve my timer issue (separate thread).
Does the timer feature of MTPro work on the Box and if so: is there a known issue with it?


2016-08-07 22:50:17

Oh, great to hear it works. Timers work fine on the BomeBox, they're part of pretty much all tests we regularly run. Can you post the project file so that I can check it out?


2016-08-08 18:40:01

Posted it on another thread.