So Excited: Octatrack, Pgmg OT Scene select -> MIDI


2016-07-17 17:34:18

Okay, I have been waiting for this product for months and SUPER excited about it coming down to the wire.
Normally I don't purchase a product when they first come out because initial releases tend to have issues that need work - but I'm excited on this challenge!

Previously I've been using MIDI Translator Pro to be able to run multiple AKAI interfaces with Ableton. I'm switching my setup to using Elektron's Octatrack as my performance hub. Will still need a laptop to control the lights via Enttec's DMXIS, but no audio processing through the laptop! Exciting!

For those who use the OT, one of the biggest complaints on the MIDI Sequencer side of the device is when using the crossfader to modulate the 8 sample tracks, there is no option for sending corresponding modulations/CC values to MIDI connected devices.

But the BomeBox should do it, I'm assuming (will be testing it out with Translator Pro later today, hopefully).

OT sends "Scene Select" (which defines the modulation) on MIDI CC55 & 56 (Scenes A & B respectively), and the OT Crossfader sends on MIDI CC48.

I have yet to experiment with selecting a preset via incoming MIDI, but from what I glean from the manual, this is possible, yes?

If anyone else is running the OT and has considered, attempted, or successfully implemented this kind of translation, I'd welcome discussion/trials/tribulations/etc.

I'm assuming that the BomeBox will be able to do everything that MIDI Translator Pro can do, yes?

Also: I still suck at writing translations for Translator, mostly because I only learn just what I need to know to do the thing I want...and then promptly forget it. [eyeroll] Any insights from users/testers would also be greatly appreciated!

tl;dr - Just super excited and being a total dork.


2016-07-17 17:36:24

Oh and: is there a pre-order option so we can throw $$$ at you and you just send it out as soon as they're available?


2016-07-21 13:33:27

Hi Creepypants,
although I'm not exactly sure what kind of MIDI translation you want to do with the cross fader, I'm quite sure it'll work with MT Pro (and the BomeBox) :D . We don't take pre-orders, but from time to time we have pre-production units available. I'll PM your for current options.