So glad, and waiting...!!! About my configuration...


2016-07-03 20:03:18

Hi Florian!!

I´ve been following the story about the BomeBox since I was crazy looking for some solution to configure my set up without using a computer, and I´m really happy that you fixed those certification issues.

I´m a professional drummer, and I´m trying to create a new solo project, playing all my gear, mainly from my electronic drums. I know there are some software solution, but as I play a lot with musicians that use computers as part of their gear, I was lucky ;) to witness to panic 5 minutes before the gig because something (and never will know what) doesn't work...

I´m using some "old" gear: Roland Td-6, Boss Sp 202 Dr Sampler, Electro Harmonix 2880, old synths and that kind of old noisy-tasty hardware... :)

My idea is set up everything and loop myself and play just triggering everything form my pads. I'm REALLY interested about Song Position Pointers and being able to access them in a non-linear way... Do you think (as me) Bomebox is my solution?

I don't know if I'm understandable, and I can imagine you are pretty busy dealing with the production, (I hope you are :)

So keep on!!!! We are waiting!!! :)

Congratulations from Spain! :)

P.S: Sorry for my spanish english :)


2016-07-04 14:08:05

Hi Nieloid,
your English is great, your idea to use the BomeBox makes a lot of sense. Indeed, I believe it'll work well for you. At the moment, you can already try with MIDI Translator Pro. If you create a project on a computer which works well for you, you'll be able to load that same project file into the BomeBox for use without a computer. MIDI Translator Pro is the editor for the BomeBox's advanced MIDI mapping and automatisms.

If you cannot get it to work, please post in the MIDI Translator Pro forum. DvlsAdvct and possibly others will be happy to make it work!

Best regards,


2016-07-04 16:49:42

... I can not wait to get the BomeBox!!! Do you have some idea about when is going to be released? (I saw something about August... My birthday!!!) ;)

.. Are there some posibilitties to get one of the first production's Bomebox? :roll:

I'm deeply looking for developing my project... :)


2016-07-10 17:34:25

So I´m going deeper with the MT Pro. It´s awesome a many things you can do. My options are getting more and more..
Now I have a question about the USB Hub. I´m counting about 10 Midi-usb links.
Can you recommend something that could work with the Bomebox? ;)


2016-07-12 13:13:25

Hi, for USB hubs, all the ones we've tested worked out of the "box". For USB-MIDI adapters (if needed) we've had bad results with cheap ones (less than $20). They choke on data at higher rates, and don't deliver (all) System Exclusive messages.

You can see (and order) our recommendations in the web shop.

Particular interesting are USB hubs with power connectors in order to power the BomeBox and the USB devices. Like that, only one power cable is needed:



2016-07-12 13:21:56

PS: Nieloid, have you seen my private email to you?