Phantom Power through BomeBox


2016-03-16 13:49:35

Hello to the powers that be!

I have a question regarding whether or not it will be safe to send 'phantom power' through midi pins 1 & 3 on the BomeBox. I have a processor that sends 15v 80a DC power over the pins to power an external foot controller. The controller sends program change messages now, but I will want to translate some of those program change messages to CC messages in the future using the Box. If I place the BomeBox in between my processor and my foot controller, will that power pass through using the 5 pin midi ports? Thanks!


2016-03-16 14:30:47

Hi, the MIDI standard specifies that pins 1 and 3 are disconnected. Consequently, it won't harm the BomeBox if you attach power to these pins, but they won't be passed through to MIDI OUT.


2016-03-16 14:37:22

Ok Thanks! I am good with a soldering iron... :shock: