Timer Possibilities


2016-02-20 02:46:05

I am looking for lag processing options.
I can explain....

I use an FPGA Hammond Organ module that has no physical but rather virtual drawbars.
9 upper and 9 lower.
An expression pedal sends a single CC# to my Scope XITE-1 where my software translates the single incoming message into 6 x CCs which are sent via hardware MIDI Out into the Hammond module.
So obviouly the 6 drawbars I chose can move the drawbars from 0 to 127.
But lag processors which I can control the speed/rate + starting point/destination can be set so each virtual drawbar can glide to exactly where I choose, and at the rate I choose.
Can I get similar timing options in the software than use the configuration in the hardware..?

Looking to go back to an all hardware rig as my XITE-1 is too expensive to buy a spare, and is 7 years old.
Great product that should last until Micro$oft and Int€L crush it with thier planned obsolescence tactics.

Thanks for making this.
I will get one regardless if the lag options dont exist.


2016-02-23 21:10:22

Silence is Golden.
I'll take that as a NO.


2016-02-24 04:27:06

bomes midi translator has cc control and timers. spend some time with the manual and then hit up the other forum to learn how to use it. patience is platinum :roll:


2016-02-24 04:32:10

I read the sections relating to timing and other sections where I could not find a reference to lag processors, curve modifiers, etc.

Are you aware of these features?


2016-02-25 01:22:16

Hi DSPLover,
sorry for the late reply!

So indeed, the BomeBox has all the mapping and processing features of MIDI Translator Pro, so once you get it running in the software, it will also work in the box.

MT Pro does not have a dedicated function for a lag or slow controller or so, but using the timers you can relatively easily create a preset which slowly moves a controller to a destination value (and also change direction if changed on the way). Is that what you want to do?

In MT Pro, you do it like this: for every controller, you set up a timer. Each time the timer fires, it adapts the controller value by the rate and sends out the CC message with the current value. Once the target value is reached, it'll stop the timer.

A simple lag, i.e. delaying a MIDI message, is very simple in MT Pro: every outgoing action can optionally be delayed.

You also have full control over any message as it passes through, so you can indeed modify the curve, too.

Let us know and we can guide you with the next steps. In any case, use the trial version as long as you need to verify it does what you need.



2016-02-25 01:25:52

I will buy the box and software.
It will do many other useful tasks.