Midi Timecode


2016-02-02 21:52:52


will the BomeBox be able to send Midi Timcode from the Box to PC (and the other way around) and thru its network Ports? And besides midi messages coming thru at the same time?

I'm curious to see it! Are you at the Musik Messe this year?

Jonas Schweighöfer


2016-02-09 17:47:20

Hi Matthias,
this can be done easily with the BomeBox, but there is no specific scheduling support for MIDI Time Code. But there are users who have implemented it in MIDI Translator Pro, so it will run on the BomeBox, too.

You can try with MIDI Translator Pro first and see how well it works. Once the BomeBox is available, you can then use the same setup on the box.

Probably we don't have a booth at this year's Musikmesse, but we'll be there and can meet and show the BomeBox in action. Just drop me a line the week before or so to schedule.