USB-SerialPort devices and boot time


2015-10-24 23:44:06

I read earlier posts and need some explanations:
-can you give us some examples of "USB-SerialPort devices" that can be used with BomeBox? I don`t recall I have seen some serial port midi devices on the market recently. Am I missing a whole "market niche" of serial port midi devices?
-what is boot up time for the BomeBox?

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2015-10-25 00:32:05

yeah i was curious about the serial port devices - cant remember if it was addressed, an example would be helpful
also still hoping for some hid support... currently use this for bomes, something similar in MIDI is a lot more expensive



2015-10-25 00:51:53

And how to connect "Cherry" with the BomeBox?


2015-10-26 17:26:19

it seems to me here are multiple topics mixed up!

Serial Device support in MT and in the BomeBox
there exist "Serial MIDI" devices, like Jl Cooper controllers, or, I believe, Arduino's with a serial port but no MIDI. But because MIDI is a serial port, too, I'd always prefer a MIDI port if available, unless the serial port provides much higher speeds...

However, MT Pro and the BomeBoxes also support any other devices with a a serial port. Many non-musical devices used for lighting, robotics, stage, etc. can be controlled using a serial port.

HID Support
The cherry keyboard uses standard USB HID (as most computer keyboards), which works on desktop computers (and, hence, MT Pro). The current firmware of the BomeBox does not support HID, but it's on our TODO list to look into this for a firmware update.

I would imagine, a Launchpad (Mini) will work pretty much the same, and provide visual LED feedback, too... though you may need 2 Launchpads to get more than 81 buttons. Behringer also offers a presumably cheaper Launchpad clone.

Boot Time
The current firmware starts your MIDI routings and mappings after approx.15-20 seconds. Network initialization takes approx. 10 seconds longer, so any BomeBoxes/computers connected via Ethernet or WiFi will be accessible then.

Hope that explains!


2015-10-26 17:36:11

30 seconds is loong time for a hardware device. No significant difference in startup time between running translator on PC and hardware BomeBox? Not to mention advantage of starting Translator on PC from hybernation. An embedded device should start in a few seconds but that is only my expectation. I guess I`ll have to wait or by even faster PC.


2015-10-26 18:06:35

Re: boot time
I agree that the BomeBox has an unexpectedly long boot time, but for anything non-network, it's just 15-20 seconds. I don't think that matters much in practice, because you don't need to do anything else after plugging in power (like entering password, start MT, configure anything else...). Also keep in mind that the BomeBox uses extremely little power, so you might just keep it running if you're bound to quick boot time.

And if using a laptop works just the same for you, then you should probably use it, because then you only need MT Pro and save the money for purchasing the BomeBox.

But, of course, the BomeBox has a few properties which makes it superior over a laptop, especially when used in live situations or on tour:
  • much more robust: you can drop it, scratch it, etc.
  • much smaller and lighter (176g)
  • mobility: runs for days on a small cell phone power bank
  • you or someone else cannot accidentally change the setup
  • accidentally unplugging or power loss: just replug the BomeBox and after booting, it will work just as before
  • cheaper than a laptop, easy to use multiple BomeBoxes
  • Power over Ethernet
  • two Ethernet plugs (mini switch) for daisy chaining
  • works as WiFi router
  • easy to backup/restore and clone BomeBox configurations
  • none of the side effects of using a desktop OS, e.g.:
    • driver problems
    • unattended updates and reboots
    • sleep mode
    • other programs interfering (e.g. blocking MIDI ports)
    • need to power down
    • etc.
I hope this sheds some light on the situation :)



2015-10-26 22:27:15

makes advanced midi simple

looking forward to some updates on production, October is almost up


2015-10-26 22:41:37

yeah, just today we had to revise the PCB once more and the earliest production availability is pushed to November...
Sorry for the endless delays. But we want to make sure the end result is not flawed!


2015-10-30 14:35:05

I'd much rather wait to have it solid and reliable! thanks for info florian


2016-09-27 11:26:41

FWIW, the BomeBox is now available :)

mike maxwell

2016-09-28 02:28:04

Does bome box support usb to serial adapters, such as those one would use with bome pro on a Windows box? Specifically, does it support the ftdi chipset?


2016-09-30 00:12:44

Hi Mike,
the BomeBox does support the common FTDI and most other serial port USB adapters. The MT Pro projects do work, too, but there is the caveat that the web config does not allow (yet) assigning serial port aliases to real serial port devices. I'll PM you for options.