Will the Bome Box do this?

Neil Hester

2015-09-08 21:25:43

I posted over on the Midi Translator forum about this and it got a lot of views but no replies and i wondering whether the Bome Box would be a more suitable product.

I'm thinking i need direct access to the Ethernet ports anyway.

I want to capture the data coming from a Digidesign Pro Control or Control 24 and translate it to HUI and Vice Versa.
The Digidesign units use Ethernet but are just transmitting what looks to be normal MIDI Hex type data amongst a lot of other stuff.
Ive captured the data stream coming from the Pro Control using Wireshark that takes advantage of the WinPcap capture plugin as you can see in the image attached.
If you look on the bottom right you can see the item I have highlighted is showing the characters that are being displayed on the Pro Control's screen.
Pro Control.JPG
Pro Control.JPG (375.98 KiB) Viewed 11198 times
Heres my original post for some other background info too.
http://www.bome.com/forums/viewtopic.ph ... net#p21625

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks !


2015-09-09 20:54:47

Hi, as finally replied to in the other thread, neither MT Pro, nor the BomeBox allow you to access Ethernet frames directly. Technically, support for that could be added, but with a lot of development effort.

Neil Hester

2015-09-13 12:00:07

Ok thanks for the reply.


2015-10-03 01:31:06

Just wanted to add some insight to what I am seeing on the above added photograph. I am familiar with midi messages, primarily the HUI and Logic Control Protocols. This image was taken while a Pro Control was successfully connected to Pro Tools, and sending and receiving messages. Here's what I am seeing:

In the upper window shows lines of information about which device (the ProControl or Pro Tools) is sending and which is receiving. Line 41 is selected, and gives the time stamp of when the message was sent, and how long the message is in length. I am assuming "Gigagbyt_" is the ProControl and "Avidtech_" is Pro Tools. The bottom window is showing the details of the complete message sent in Line 41, which is 303 bytes. In the bottom window, the first 6 bytes match the Destination Address seen in the middle window, and the following 6 bytes match the Source Address in the middle window. These are always the first messages transmitted on Lines 40 and up from what I can see. It is possible that these are the messages sent and received to keep the ProControl connected and "online" with Pro Tools. This is just a theory however.

Following these messages in the bottom window are a pattern of note on messages (eg: 90:02:05, 90:02:06, 90:02:07, 90:03:00, 90:03:01....) these are similar to button push messages or to turn button lights on or off on a controller. Following those patterns are sysex messages. These messages start with "f0" and end with "f7". These messages appear to be responsible for sending text to a specific location to the ProControl. These messages for text, are 15 bytes long. The rest are either more midi messages (3 bytes long, like above mentioned) or residual data for clearing.

We can also see here that all of these lines of messages displayed are all happening within 0.000007000 or 0.000008000 seconds (all within the 33 second timestamp) of each other which is extremely fast. I'm not sure if midi (a baud rate of 31250) could keep up with what is being sent over ethernet (10 Mbps I think?) There may be some overload or dropouts for sure.

It all looks "familiar" to me, and possibly workable, with an ethernet <> midi device or software, like ipMidi. Anyone with additional knowledge or ideas/thoughts please chime in!