USB IN -> HID Devices, Computer Keyboards, other controllers


2015-06-27 22:55:50

So bome's 1.8 has just been released and I've barely scratched the surface of how great this update is, but I had a question about the BOME BOX ! ! !

Will the USB Port on the box accept standard computer keyboards so that you may use input trigger from their keystrokes?

Also does this apply to HID devices? for example; a trackball mouse, joystick - so their their output will be bome translated into the language of midi ?


2015-06-27 23:35:30

Hi thanks for the nice words. The BomeBox will initially only support USB-MIDI and USB-SerialPort devices for translation from/to MIDI. No QWERTY-keyboards or other HID devices. We do plan to support at least HID keyboards in the future.


2015-06-28 00:28:22

Currently I use a 128 matrix POS computer keyboard to map commands, but I guess I could just as easily be using a grid based midi controller like a launchpad. i couldn't find any info on usb serial devices - all I can think of is old computer keyboards that have serial connections?

still looking through the new 1.8 ! GUI Changes are spot on!