2015-02-17 07:05:47

Just read about the new baby of Bome. :)

Do you guys care to illustrate some of the setups possible with it? I'd like to know (for instance) how to make use of the LAN/Wifi options. It's not clear to me yet.

Something that would be great for me is the ability to use my iPad's Wifi to be connected to Boombox and thus to my Audio-PC without the need of using Wifi at the PC itself.

Using Omnisphere's iPad-app comes to mind which I can't use because it relies on Wifi.


2015-02-17 17:48:20

Hi again Transulator

The examples you give are definitely possible. You can connect the BomeBox to your computer via USB, and connect your iPad to the box via WiFi, and have your apps send MIDI to your computer for more control. There is latency over WiFi, unfortunately, but if it's within tolerable range for you then it should be fine.

You can also connect USB MIDI controllers, like the Launchpad, to outboard analog gear that can only use 5 pin DIN connections. That, to me, is the real power of it, especially considering that the BomeBox provides USB power.



2015-05-15 13:00:29

Yeah… There is non such thing as BoomeBox.
I was always so skeptical about buying usb MIDI controllers, because they can work just with the computer.
And sometimes you just don't need the computer on stage or at studio.
But it is a real power that we can now totally program our setup and load it to boomebox and than, boom!
I'm looking forward to use my computer keyboard with my synths and FX!

Can't wait!


2015-05-15 14:03:34

thanks, I'm looking forward to it, too :)

One clarification, though: the BomeBox has two USB ports:
  1. the USB type B port is for connecting your USB-MIDI gear (using a USB hub will work, too).
  2. the micro-USB port is for power only -- like with a standard cell phone charger or cell phone power bank (the one I tried will power it for 24+ hours). You cannot use the micro-USB port to connect the BomeBox to a computer.
The main idea behind the BomeBox is to not need the computer.

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