SendSx and Alesis Andromeda


2013-09-03 11:41:48

I'm using SendSx to send sysex to my andromeda. It loads and send lib files perfectly. Thank you!
However when I try and send one sysex patch it says its receiving it but nothing is written. Am using pc with motu ultralite mk3. I have had no difficulty with any other function on motu so I think the andromeda is the problem. Is there any way of combining sysex files into a library?
By the way have tried JSynthLib and Midiquest and same thing happens.
If it was a buffer, speed problem why would it be accepting a lib file?
Thanks for any help.


2013-12-06 15:59:01


sorry for the late reply. I honestly cannot say what's happening. Seems like a problem with the Andromeda, indeed.