2013-04-21 08:25:49

Munt is a Roland CM-32L (LAPC-I) and MT-32 emulator.
SendSX works nicely with real Roland MT-32 and CM-32L modules but doesn't work with Munt cause it sends sysex in 128 bytes chunks and Munt cannot handle chunks.
Would it be possible to add an option for SendSX to send each sysex in one chunk?
Alternatively I noticed that SendSX is shrinking the chunk size for wrapped lines to the length of the line, so could it be possible to extend that feature to also enlarge chunk size for longer lines (One can set that in registry (defalut is 32 right now) so the simplicity of SendSX is not affected). Anyway I think it is not a matter of adding extra feature to SendSX but just making it work at all, so more like fixing a bug than adding something new.


2013-05-03 09:12:20

Hi, thanks for the notification. Could you try with the latest beta version (
- in the options menu, uncheck "split long sys ex messages"
- in the settings screen, set speed to the fastest ("no throttling")
I believe that it will still split to 128-byte chunks, but please give it a try.



2013-05-03 10:32:19

Yes, i was using that version all the time. Your suggestion still doesn't help here.

Anyway I figured out that there is a solution. While feeding Munt directly from SendSX or through MidiYoke doesn't work, using loopMIDI helps. It looks loopMIDI does something to solve this problem (you just need speed other than the fastest in SendSX).

Meanwhile I figured out what I guess you figured out too, that it is really a bug in SendSX as it is using both "Split long sys ex messages" and also "Wrap long sys ex messages upon loading" as the same thing. While I guess it was supposed to work this way:
"Wrap long sys ex messages upon loading" does what it does right now (32 bytes visual splits) (actually i guess it wasn't even meant to affect size of chunks), while
"Split long sys ex messages" was meant to be a switch for turning on/off 128 bytes chunk splits.
So I was wondering whether I am right here and whether you plan to fix that or just leave it as it is, as i see the program wasn't changed since 2008.


2013-05-03 12:59:06


thanks for the details! Actually the "split..." menu option and "wrap..." settings screen checkbox are meant to be the same setting. It's not a technical bug, though I agree it's not good style to use different names for the same option. I do find it useful to have some options both in the menu for fast access, and also in the settings screen.

I should really add an option to not split by 128 bytes. And yes, I will create new versions. It just happens that there have not been any considerable bugs since 2008 ;)



2014-11-16 16:00:05

since version 1.4, there is the option "split long messages when sending" in the settings screen that you can disable. That should fix the issue now, finally...