Version Number to Use


2013-03-04 05:16:29

i am using SendSX v 1.22. Should I upgrade to V. 1.30 beta? Is it reasonably stable? V. 1.22 has locked up my Windows 7 machine twice (in ways I have not tried to document). Will 1.30 beta improve this behaviour?

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2013-05-03 09:19:41


I've heard of this locking behavior, please give 1.30 beta a try. I use it almost daily on Win7 without any problems.
You can configure the send speed in the Options|Setting screen, and try different settings of "split long sys ex messages" in the Options menu. The latter options requires reloading the sys ex file.

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2014-11-16 16:03:17

for what it's worth: we've released SendSX 1.4: