SysEx Receive Problem


2013-01-31 14:45:49


I have recently tried out the Borne's SysEx software on my Yamaha SY22.

After familiarising myself with the software I successfully made a bulk dump of data from my synth to my computer. Great!

However, when I come to attempt a 'receive' dump to the SY22 the following issue occurs:

- The synth displays 'Bulk Receiving' and remains on that message.

- The Borne's SysEx editor initially reads out data indicating a transmission but then displays a message at the top bar saying ' Bourne's SenSX (Not Responding)'. The editor then freezes out and I have to close the program completely and disconnect my synth to kill the freeze.

Do you think there is a simple setting on my synth that is causing a blockade of information from getting through or something else? I have checked the SY22 midi peramiters and receive channel is set to 'omni'.

I really appreciate any light that can be shed on this.



2013-05-03 09:17:53

Hi, which version of SendSX are you using? The latest version provides throttling, which might help in your case:

You can try different settings of speed in the options|settings screen, and check and/or uncheck "split long messages" in the options menu (then reload the file).

Best regards,