Remote Control OR keyboard mapping for Send SX?


2013-01-09 04:55:50


I just bought a Roland VR-3 audio/video mixer, and would like to create a wireless remote control for this device. The device has individual Sys EX MIDI signals which correspond to specific buttons on the device, so if I send the MIDI Sys EX code for "Volume Up", the device will act as though I pressed the physical "Volume Up" button on the device and raise the volume. ... te_e01.pdf

This is all very cool, but I have a problem: I will not have physical access to the computer when I need to send this signal, so I am trying to wirelessly control 4-5 MIDI Sys EX codes.

In my imagination, I have a physical remote control with 4-5 buttons, and when I press a button, the remote sends a signal to the computer, which tells the Send SX program to send a pre-set Midi Sys EX code to the Roland VR-3 device. Is there a way for me to do this directly?

Alternatively, can I map or bind a keystroke to a specific Midi Sys EX code, so that (for example) when I press the "1" key on the computer keyboard, the computer sends the Roalnd VR-3 device the first pre-programmed MIDI Sys EX code? I can find a wireless keyboard which I can use to control the computer, if only I can be sure that individual keystrokes can be mapped to specific Mid Sys EX codes.

Thank you in advance! If you can think of ANY alternative ways to accomplish this, please let me know!

Update: It took a while for this post to be approved, and I've done some research in the meantime. Is this what Bome's Midi Translator Pro is for?


2013-05-03 09:15:15

hi, sorry for the late reply! So, yes, this is exactly what Midi Translator Pro can do for you.

Just create a translator entry like this:

Incoming: Keystroke "A"
Outgoing: MIDI "F0 ... F7" (your sys ex message)

You can even map the multimedia keys for volume up/down found on many keyboards.
Or, get e.g. a MIDI foot controller and use that as incoming actions in MIDI Translator.

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