sys ex dump from SR-16 using sendsx


2012-08-28 01:55:28

I use data disk to store midi data in sys ex format, then use it to dump the data back to an instrument string - Alesis drum machine (SR-16) then to an Ensoniq SQ1 keyboard. I want to take this data from the DD and dump it to a sys ex dump program (Bome SendSysex) on the computer using a USB/midi cable for storage instead of the DD.

The dump from the DD to the sysex program works fine. I see it on the screen. When I turn the same data around and send it back to the drum machine and KB nothing happens. Could the identical data from the DD and the Send Sysex program be transfered differntly?

If so, any idea how to get this data in a usable format to the cpu?


2012-08-29 18:54:53

hi, there are a couple of possible causes. please read the next forum topics for more information.
regards, florian