Digidesign Mbox and FCB 1010


2011-08-04 23:04:56

I just downloaded the program. I wanted to be able to send a sysex file to my FCB 1010. I am using an mbox as my midi device. I setup the midi cables properly using the software program's midi in and midi out for the mbox. Then I put the FCB 1010 in sysex mode. I loaded the sysex file into the program.

When I press F4 to send the data on the midi out side it says that 2352 bytes have been sent. On the midi in side it says "opened Midi In: Digidesign Mbox 2. But the data isn't being received by the FCB 1010.

Any ideas what I need to do to get this working correctly?


2011-10-22 17:47:05

the typical problems are:
- faulty MIDI drivers -- you should update your MIDI drivers
- sending too fast for device -- you should configure Send SX to send slower (in the settings)
- broken MIDI cable